Bundle’s founding members have come together with over fifty collective years of experience within the luxury packaging industry.

Each member shares, not only a passion for sustainable solutions, but a desire to move the industry into a better future. Over the years, we’ve become frustrated by the lack of viable options available for smaller brands due to minimum quantity levels and expensive tooling costs needed to begin production. Products have often been ordered to meet those minimum requirements, leading to excessive, unnecessary waste. The industry’s lack of awareness of the environment, or need for sustainability, has been a constant frustration for us. We have watched manufacturers add dubious credentials to products, and make promises their factories simply couldn’t keep. Packaging isn’t going anywhere, but we knew changes needed to be made.

We were certain there had to be a solution out there that kept production costs down, while also helping provide packaging that could be environmentally friendly. After extensive research and our team’s commitment to change, Bundle is our response.

We aim to be well-researched, honest, and affordable, while maintaining the high quality you would expect for your brand. All of our materials are fully recyclable and biodegradable. We do not use plastics and we don’t make claims regarding compostability and recycling that are not backed up by the infrastructure needed to support them.

As such, what we have is a compact range of eco-friendly packaging that we offer from small runs on stock sizes, up to custom runs on larger quantities. Whether you’re a startup brand or a well-developed business who want to invest in their growth, our simple online order system and design aids help you achieve the end results you need to make your brand stand out.

As a company who cares about our customers and the world we live in, we’re here to present the best options the packaging industry has to protect our collective future, while providing a powerful tool that will offer great exposure to your business.

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