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Our sustainable vision

Bundle has a very clear vision on the materials we choose and the products we sell. Sustainability is at the very core of this vision, and we will only use sustainable processes on products that are fully recyclable or biodegradable. If it doesn’t fit into these two categories, it’s not going to be a part of what we offer. 


Where many others in the marketplace offer questionable claims of their packaging being eco-friendly, we have chosen not to be involved with anything that we can not backup with proof and positive testing. While this might mean that our range is smaller than some of our competitors, we can be sure to stay true to our vision, and hence to be a positive movement within the packaging industry. 


This doesn’t mean we will remain static. Far from it. Bundle is continually searching the marketplace for products and materials that we can add to our range—ones that comply with our mission statement. We expect our range to expand in time with the growth of sustainable materials becoming available, and with thorough testing to ensure they comply. The packaging industry is far from perfect, and neither is our range, but we will always aim to be transparent with our customers about the way we move forward.



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