Customer Stories Oct 13, 2021

FRAHM is a company with a difference. Since its launch in 2018, this Bath-based mens’ jacket brand has been focused on waste reduction and mindful resourcing thanks to its creators, Nick and EmmaLou Hussey.

What makes them stand out from the crowd is that FRAHM adopted a pre-ordering system for their jackets, meaning their customers actually buy the pieces from them before they are produced. This is a powerful move that steps away from the usual practices of mass market fashion, allowing them to cut back on surplus materials during the production of their jackets. A move we admire!

With the creators looking to expand on their brand’s collection, they approached Supple Studio to help design the beetle-inspired, sustainable packaging we produced here. Having previously stuck with unbranded packaging to ship out their goods, the switch to a highly detailed printed brand required a process that could deliver the right aesthetics, while also being eco-friendly and fitting in with the company’s overall ethos. 

Digital printing was used to create the full-colour imagery on the biodegradable materials that made up the boxes and bags, and this was done using water-based inks. The use of such inks is a further step that allows the pieces to be recycled at the end of their initial purpose. Digital print has many benefits, including no set up costs, as well as the use of four colours in a design costing the same as a simple one-colour. There’s no penalty for creativity! This process can also be done on small runs of just 250, whereas other, more traditional print routes would require ordering thousands, which leads to a lot of potential waste. The very thing FRAHM wished to avoid.

The motif they decided upon was inspired by the brand’s outdoor lifestyle and their need to be amongst nature. Their use of three ‘tough’ British beetles is a nod to their tagline of ‘Tough Beautiful’. The largest of the beetles is used to brand and represent the larger boxes, with the middle and smaller sizes having a different variation of the creatures on the outer to tie in the same way. It’s a clever use of nature that makes them committed to their environmentally-friendly mission statements, while also allowing their packaging to stand out. As well as the imagery on the boxes, a small written description of each beetle was printed on the outer to make the opening experience truly unique for the customer. 

These products are just another example of how sourcing goods responsibly doesn’t have to mean a reduction in quality or print. With these custom-made, recyclable boxes and bags, we’ve shown how the brand can still make a powerful statement without losing impact or jeopardising the detail. 

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