Luna & Noon

Customer Stories Oct 13, 2021
Luna & Noon

As one of Bundle’s first clients, we’re excited to delve into the world of Luna and Noon as we celebrate their brand, as well as the beautiful, digitally-printed packaging they’ve recently produced with us.

Luna and Noon are two friends who were brought together over fifteen years ago and have since discovered that, not only do they have a passion for the same things-travel, relaxation, positive thinking, and giving back to others—but their tastes in fashion and design married up, too. Travel became a big part of their friendship, and the two would often spend their days milling around the local markets and taking detailed notes on local styles and popular prints. This passion they shared was never going to be tamed, meaning it grew and grew and grew until Luna and Noon was born to create travel-inspired pyjamas that are comfortable enough to wear both day and night… and it doesn’t end there. As well as their clothing range, they also produce eye masks, pouches, travel and wash bags.

What makes their products extra special is that each fabric is hand printed and exclusively designed for them, meaning they won’t be replicated anywhere by any other company. These pieces are exclusive, with each pair having its own story to tell. We’re sold! It goes without question that a brand like this deserves high-quality, custom packaging to house their final product in, and Luna and Noon chose Bundle Packaging to represent them.

Luna and Noon Eco Friendly Packaging

Using the full flexibility that digital printing allows on their e-commerce boxes enabled Luna and Noon to bring their unique flare to these boxes, as well as to their products. They chose the best match from our stock tool sizes, splitting three-hundred boxes over three different designs, inside and out. The beauty of this is that digital print doesn’t require plates or individual set up costs, which means the boxes could all run together at the same rate, giving the client a wide range of choice when it came to finding the best box to suit the garments they were sending out at point of sale.

The designs of the boxes range from being travel-inspired to homely, matching the styles of the fabrics used throughout the collection of pyjamas and accessories.

Luna and Noon Digitally Printed Packaging

Take a look at Luna & Noon's exclusive range of pyjamas on their website here.