We Are Bundle

News Oct 13, 2021
We Are Bundle

Some may say that fifty collective years of packaging experience makes us sound old, but we prefer to stick to the angle of knowledgeable where it counts. Living in the world as we know it, where excess and expense seem to be the only viable options, it’s more important than ever that any knowledge we have be used to the best of its abilities. 

Hence, the creation of Bundle Packaging! Here we are: your one-stop shop for branded sustainable packaging. Whether your business is big or small, old or new, it doesn’t matter to us. What we care about is providing sustainable branded packaging, without creating unnecessary charges or excessive waste.

Where did all of this begin, you might wonder? It started with our big sister company, Progress Packaging, which has specialised in luxury packaging since 1997. For over twenty years, Progress has worked in partnership with international companies, continuing to push production boundaries and embrace change along the way. From a one man start, the team has grown and grown with passionate staff who are committed to pushing the boundaries of production. Although we love the intricacy of custom made projects and working with the client from concept stage, it was also obvious that there was a growing need for sustainable and accesible packaging that the client could brand at ease. 

Montage of bundle packaging

Why now, might be your next question, and the answer is simple really.

We had become frustrated by the lack of options available for smaller brands due to minimum order quantities and expensive tooling costs needed to begin any form of custom packaging production. This often lead to a client over ordering, which then resulted in excessive, unnecessary waste—a problem the whole world has woken up to, and we all need to try and reduce. While packaging is still going to be needed in the future, we knew that changes had to be made and that we wanted to be part of the response to these issues.

This is where the idea of Bundle was formed.

This isn’t just another quick and easy way to churn out boxes, bags, and other accessories. Bundle Packaging’s message has far more to it than that, being focused on using environmentally-friendly materials, which are all fully recyclable and biodegradable. We do not use plastics and you won’t find any false claims regarding compostability or recycling that are not backed up by the infrastructure needed to support them. We aim to be well-researched, honest, and affordable, whilst maintaining the high quality you would expect for your brand.

This has created a compact range of branded eco-friendly packaging, from small runs upwards on stock sizes. If you do have a need for custom runs, we can offer these on larger quantities. We’ll always aim to give you the most cost effective solution available. Whether you’re a startup brand or a well-established business that wants to invest in their growth, our easy, online ordering system and design aids help you achieve the end results you need to make your brand start out. It really is that simple.

Digital printing has revolutionised  areas of the packaging industry and we wanted to make its benefits accessible to a much wider audience. We use this form of branding on our primary products, boxes and mailers for e-commerce use. This procedure allows you to create either a simple or more complex image on your item, giving you the creative freedom to go either way—another thing we think is important for any business owner in today’s world: freedom. 

The ordering system is there for you at your convenience. 

You can order your goods in the knowledge that everything is mindfully-sourced, whilst also allowing you and your company to shine the way you want it to.

Really, it’s a win-win all round, and we can’t wait to see what you produce going forward with your branded, sustainable packaging pieces, brought to you by Bundle.