What Is Sustainable Packaging Design?

Sustainability Oct 13, 2021
What Is Sustainable Packaging Design?

The buzzword of the moment in any form of product design is ‘sustainability’, and there’s good reason for it. With the world’s population more environmentally conscious than ever before thanks to the amount of information brought to the forefront of our minds on a daily basis, it’s a word that needs to be taken seriously.

While we may have lived in an age of single-use items for many years, times are changing, and products now not only have to look good, feel good, and serve a purpose... they have to offer something after use, and that something needs to be beneficial to our planet. This could mean it’s recyclable, or even that it was made from recyclable materials and is now in its second or third form as a product. It could mean that it has dual usage, and after its initial purpose, it can then be transformed into something else which means it doesn’t simply become needless waste.

Sustainability is the buzzword of the moment because it needs to be, and no one sector is more aware of that than those involved in the design and production of packaging. It’s our job as manufacturers to take responsibility and provide solutions for the problem. Solutions that are functional as well as recyclable, and here at Bundle we are committed to leading the way.

So, what is sustainable packaging design? First and foremost, it’s a choice. A choice to show responsibility as a brand and consider the materials and processes used, as well as their lifecycle. It’s a responsibility to the planet, to society, and most of all, to the consumer. It’s showing consideration for what will happen beyond the piece's initial purpose, and that has never been more important than it is in today’s market.

Once the choice has been made, the development process takes everything into consideration including the increased use of life cycle inventory and assessments to help guide the use of packaging which reduces the impact on the environment and the ecological footprint. Basically... it becomes more than just a piece of packaging that is used once and thrown away. It becomes something you can breathe life into again and again. It becomes a statement. 

Fortunately, there are materials available now which allow you to be responsible with your designs without compromising the aesthetics.

With Bundle, there is an active choice of materials, processes and formats to create an eco-friendly box, bag, roll of tape, or pack of tissue paper. We only offer sustainable materials and we are completely transparent about any claims we make or credentials we boast. Our entire product range has been selected with thorough research and attention to detail, only offering solutions that will feed into our need to make packaging less of a problem in this world. For example, all of our boxes are made from 80% of recycled content for the centre corrugated layers, and our papers are FSC* approved. The inks we use in digital printing are water-based, meaning the packaging pieces can be fully recycled after use. Thanks to the process of digital printing, however, you’re not stuck with simple link text or basic imagery. We can place complex artwork on the packaging pieces, allowing you to give your brand whatever it needs visually, while remaining environmentally conscious throughout the process.

These are the mindful choices we’ve made for you and your designers, leaving you less to worry about in development, while also allowing you to be a part of the solution. 

Packaging design is also a partnership between the designers and the production team. One that requires trust to get things 100% right. While sustainability may be a buzzword, more importantly, it’s a mission to make a positive impact on the Earth and its future. This is our only home. It’s our job to protect it, and it’s our job as your packaging providers to provide you with the necessary materials and processes to do that. 

Read more about our sustainable vision here.

* FSC is an international, non-government organisation that is dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forest.